Terms and Conditions

I require a sample of twenty-five pages from somewhere around the middle of your manuscript—just a random pull without checking it further before passing it on to me. This will be advantageous to both you and me:
—–You: to see the quality of my work and to apprehend why your work needs editing.
—–Me: to weigh the work involved for a good quote assessment.
In some cases, I may ask to see your full manuscript to get a better idea of what the assignment will entail.

I will provide you with an initial estimate, in good faith, based on the information provided me. This estimate will be free, and neither party will be under any obligations.

I always strive for a symbiotic relationship with my authors.


I reserve the right to refuse work if, for any reason, I do not feel comfortable with its content.

I prefer not to work with scenes including dragons, vampires, erotica, heavy violence, profuse profanity, or pornography.

Scope of project

We will work together to determine the scope of the project which will be the type of editing you wish to be done on your manuscript. This determination will be made prior to my quote.

The Quote

Once the scope of the project is defined, I will provide you with a quote of what it will cost and the amount of time I will need to complete your editing. Any extra work done outside the agreed scope, if requested by you, may result in an additional charge and may take added time to accomplish.

The quote will be made in good faith, based on the scope we both agreed to. This quote will be free and will not obligate you. It will include an expiration date, so that your decision will be made in a timely fashion. The quoted price may no longer be valid if the quote is not accepted before it expires.

Beginning the Project

When the quote is accepted, a signed contract and a down payment of $50 will be required to begin the edit process, regardless of which type of editing you choose. This is necessary because, once the project is started, it may become evident that the sample submitted was not prototypical of the work as a whole. If that should happen, I will contact you with an adjusted quote.

You will then be able to accept or reject the new quote, and, at this point, the previous quote and contract will be deemed null and void, and you will sign a new contract. The down payment is non-refundable but will be applied to your account, should you decide to continue.


The number of weeks quoted will represent the amount of time that I will need to do my work, not the duration of time needed to complete the editing process. It will not include any blocks of time when you will be reviewing my changes and considering my suggestions.

When asked to take on a piece of work, I will consider my current workload and provide you with an expected completion date. You are encouraged to book my time in advance, as I can then arrange my schedule to give your project suitable attention.

If your work comes in later than scheduled or after the quote’s expiration date, it might not be possible to complete it by the agreed deadline. A prompt notification to me will be greatly appreciated if you will not be able to get the work to me when agreed. I will then rearrange my schedule, and we will agree upon a new deadline.

If your work is urgent, I will endeavor to meet a tight deadline, but this will be subject to a rush charge of 25%.

If it becomes clear that a project is more involved than was originally considered, I will promptly convey that to you, and we will agree on a new deadline.

Invoicing and payment
I accept Paypal payments only. As a consumer, it is free to set up and use a Paypal account. With Paypal, you always have the option to use your own credit card as opposed to any monies you may have in your Paypal account.
Your down payment of $50 will be due with your accepted quote and work will not commence until the payment clears Paypal.
For straightforward projects that will require only one pass, I will expect 50% of the payment approximately halfway through the work, and the balance will be due within 14 days of project completion.

For more involved projects that will require two or more passes (most line editing and some copy editing), I will work out a payment schedule with you which will likely be three or four payments due about halfway through the first pass, between passes, possibly halfway through the second pass, and within 14 days of completion.
Any charges for rushed deadlines will be payable at the time the rush is ordered and accepted.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via e-mail.