copy editing fiction once upon an edit

“My name is Roberta Kagan. I am a bestselling author who has been blessed to have reached #1 on Amazon several times. Pam Whitman edited my novel “To Be An Israeli.” I have worked with many editors and she is one of the finest. In fact, she found a crucial mistake in my historical novel that I had overlooked. If she had not found this error, it would have been detrimental to the success of my book. For that, alone I would highly recommend Pam as an editor. However, there is so much more that makes Pam an excellent choice. She is easy to work with and very professional. My work is very important to me. I don’t like editors who change the content of my book without consulting me first. Not once did Pam attempt to change the content of my manuscript without my knowledge. Instead, when it was warranted she offered viable suggestions for me to consider. Ultimately, however, the choice to alter the manuscript in any way was mine. That was because Pam had respect for my artistic expression and I really appreciate that in an editor. If you are planning to publish a novel or a non-fiction book, your editor is your right hand. It must be someone you can trust…Pam is that person. I highly recommend using her. I know my book has been improved due to her efforts, and I am certainly glad I had this wonderful opportunity to work with her.”

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“Pam is an amazing editor! She devoted a lot of attention to my story. Her review was thorough, and she thought of every single detail. In all her suggestions, she tried to maintain the character’s voice as well as my own voice as author, an aspect I highly appreciate. Additionally, her turnaround time was incredibly fast, which is hard to find these days. I would definitely recommend her!”        ~ Carla Doria