My Story: How it Began

Copy Editing ServiceOnce Upon an Edit was created out of frustration. My name is Pamela Whitman, and I am an avid reader of several genres. I have finally gotten past my conviction of not wanting to give up the comforting feeling of holding a good, hard-covered book. Now, most of the books I read are on my Kindle. The problem with these books, as I see it, is that most of them were self-published (good for those authors!—I’m not being sarcastic here), and they were probably done so on a very tight budget. What is the first thing that is cut from an up-and-coming author’s strapped budget? You guessed it—copy editing!

You, the author, think you have written a great book (which you probably have), and you have read it over and over, piecemeal, during the writing process, as well as a final, full reading at the completion. You probably also had a few friends and family members read it, and, of course, they’d tell you the truth, right? Maybe not, or perhaps they wouldn’t be bothered by missing or misplaced punctuation, misused or misspelled words; maybe they wouldn’t notice that the wrong character’s name was used in various places or that the dates don’t jive. They are just incredibly proud of and happy for you; they want to see you get published!

Mistake? Big. Huge mistake. A good percentage of your readers are like me who have trouble getting past things like this and, when there are enough “oopsies” that the storyline is no longer worth the read, the book gets tossed. Why wouldn’t it? There are thousands upon thousands of other published books waiting to be read (many inexpensive or even free). Getting tossed is bad enough, but you may also get a negative review on social media and in good old fashioned social groups like readers’ friends—YIKES!

So I decided that, since I catch all of these issues anyway, I should offer out my services to those authors who concede that their work would be made even better with proper editing. They can concentrate on the creative part knowing that I’ll clean up after them! 

Allow me to copy edit your next potential masterpiece. I would begin with a random section of about 25 pages, and I would do a complete line and copy edit for free (see My Services and Rates for what these types of editing entail). Your voice as the author or plot intentions would not be altered, and I would strive to maintain a symbiotic relationship with you.

If you are wondering if your book is something that I would normally read, check here for my favorite genres, or, if you think it may be close enough, My Services and Rates page will explain in detail what my edits include. So, hop on over now, and let’s get started!